It happens in the last episode, so I was reading all the scripts and I got to the page where it says, โ€˜Jojen gets stabbed repeatedly in the stomach.โ€™ I thought, Thatโ€™s OK. Iโ€™ll be fine because no oneโ€™s told me yet and Iโ€™m not dead in the books. Iโ€™ll be fine.

โ€œSo I keep reading and see, โ€˜Meera comes over and slits his throat.โ€™ Then I thought, Well, Iโ€™m amongst all these White Walkers. Maybe the plan is to turn me into a White Walker โ€” that would be really, really cool. Then, that little girl comes out, throws a Molotov cocktail, and I burst into flames. Thatโ€™s when I knew I was definitely, definitely dead. Dead. Properly dead.

Thomas Brodie Sangster on how he found out Jojen was getting killed off earlier than in the books (x)